Our Vision

Family - Unity - Power 


Faith Tabernacle has a three fold vision with the focus of the vision being the family. 

FAMILY - (1 Corinthians 13)

The core of the vision and at Faith Tabernacle it is "Where Your Family is Our Priority". Strong nations need strong communities and strong communities need strong families. At Faith Tabernacle you will see your family impacted in 3 ways or what we call the "3 R's": 

Reconciliation: The love of God through Christ Jesus will see you and your family members "reconciled" back to God. Jesus called it being "born again" (see John 3:1-17). The Apostle Paul called it being "saved" (see Romans 10:8-13). Whether it is being "born again" or being "saved" (which are the same things), it is about YOU and your family members coming back into a right relationship with God our Father! 

Restoration: Once you and your family members have been "reconciled" back to God, the love and the light of Christ in you will see family relationships being "restored". As you learn who you are in Christ. As you grow in your knowledge of the Lord, your life and the lives of your family will be changed forever! You will see fathers restored to their children; husbands and wives restored and sibling rivalries no more! 

Recommissioned: After you are "reconciled" and "restored", you will see your family "recommissioned"; to live according to the original purpose and intention that God had for us all. You and your family will live in love, unity and the power of the Word of God! 

UNITY - (Psalm 133) 

The statement "united we stand; divided we fall" is so true! Divided families; divided communities; divided nations even divided churches! Psalm 133 says that it is "good and pleasant when we dwell together in unity." So through the love of God and the power of His Word we will see that happen in our families and beyond. Unity truly is strength! 


POWER - (Acts 5:12-16) 

Once your family is reconciled, restored, recommissioned and living in unity, you will operate in the "power" of the Word of God! The promises of His Word WILL come to pass in your life and in your family! Others will see the power of God at work in your life and will want that power for themselves and their family! All for the glory of God! 

If you want to see your family live in love, unity and the power of the Word of God,

then Faith Tabernacle IS the place for you and your family!