Discipleship Ministry

Faith Tabernacle Discipleship Ministry

(FTDM) was set up to provide a complete discipleship program from new believer all the way to ordination! From weekly Bible study "Word Empowerment"; to our "new believers forum"; to classes on partnership, baptism, ministry AND practical biblical teachings (relationships; parenting; finances; health & wellness) and more. The FTDM is here to help you become all who the Lord has called you to be! 


Have you ever wanted to ask "that" question? Why not join us online 

Our weekly "Word Empowerment" will allow YOU to ask "that" question: 

1. Why do I need to go to church?

2. Who wrote the Bible?

3. Why are there so many denominations?

4. Tithes: whats that? 

5. Why does God allow suffering?

6. ________________ (your question here).


Word Empowerment has subjects that it looks into on a deeper level than a Sunday sermon and because it is interactive, you can ask questions and debate. We also do a regular "Q & A" month, where your questions can be asked and answered! Whether to simply satisfy your curiosity or to grow as a believer, we will provide answers to your questions

(and if we don't know the answer, we will find out for you)! 

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FTDM also provides a structured 2 year discipleship course for those seeking a deeper walk with the Lord, covering personal development; ministry of the Word; understanding the purpose of the church; executing the vision and more. 

At the end of the 2 years, there is a graduation ceremony and students can go onto complete the Leadership Programme which prepares disciples for leadership in the Church and beyond. 

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For those who have a call from God on their life for leadership, this one year programme will see you equipped to lead in the church and beyond (can only be undertaken after successful completion of the FTDM Discipleship Course or an appropriate approved Ministry/Theology course/qualification)

Jesus commanded us to "go make disciples" (Matthew 28:19-20), so the FTDM is doing just that, all according to sound Biblical principles and doctrines.