our pastors:
Senior Pastor
Kevin Dawkins
Sola Dawkins

Senior Pastor Kevin Dawkins 

Our very own Senior Pastor grew up in a good home. But God and the church meant nothing to him. Life was all about himself and having fun! In his late teenage years he began a life of partying which further distanced himself from religion. He also became a body builder and begun a successful career as a salesman. 

Leading up to his wedding, he did not want to get married in church as he simply did not believe in Christianity and fought vehemntly against doing so, but gave in in the end. Shortly after getting married, he quit sales and became qualified as a fitness instructor having a successful career leading to managing two gyms! 

A life changing encounter with the Lord in his living room a year after getting married changed everything! He heard the audible voice of God, telling him to "go to church!" After the shock had worn off, the following Sunday, he went to church and has been going ever since. 

He developed a passion for the Word, reading the Bible for hours each day and soaking up all the teaching he could receive. Having received several prophetic words about the call of God on his life, In February 2001, the Lord made it directly clear to him that He wanted him to preach the Word and lead a congregation. Then in late April 2003 the Lord said "now" and the following month as the Lord instructed, he founded Faith Tabernacle on the 15th May 2003. 

He was led to go to Birmingham to study ministry and theology and 5 years there in Seminary saw him licensed for ministry and receive the Bachelor degree in Divinity. Through prayer, the Lord led him to come under the spiritual covering of Bishop John Francis of Ruach City Church who ordained him and the ministry is a part of the Ruach Network of Churches. 

He also volunteers for Prison Fellowship as a tutor for the Sycamore Tree Restorative Justice and Victim Awareness course a powerful course that sees offenders address their offending behaviour. 

Our Senior Pastor is passionate about seeing people live the full life as promised by Jesus in John 10:10. As well as the vision of Faith Tabernacle, he has his own ministry "Living the Full Life" which has been established to help people enjoy life in body, soul and spirit.

In 2020, he launched Men of Prayer. A call to Kingdom Men from all churches; denominations; organisations and networks to come together to pray for change in our families; communities and our nation. 

Pastor Sola Dawkins 

Pastor Sola Dawkins, grew up in church and like many others, left the church when she reached her teenage years.

In contrast to her husband Senior Pastor Dawkins, who was not raised in church, the teaching she received never left her and saw her returning to Christ shortly after getting married.

Her journey living in the 'world' saw Sola have a successful career in Financial Accounting. Recommitting her life back to Christ has allowed Sola to use many of her life experiences in the 'world' as her platform for her calling in ministry. 

Out of this journey, Sola founded "Women With a Purpose", a ministry to see women become all who God intended them to be. Sola is particularly passionate in empowering and inspiring women. Sola is without a doubt, a unique and anointed Woman of God raised up to bring truth and life to those who come into contact with her ministry. Women all over the world have been touched by her life. (www.soladawkins.com).

Sola has a certificate in Counselling Skills, a Double Bachelor Degree in Ministry and Theology and is a qualified event planner. She was Ordained in 2005. 

Kevin and Sola have been happily married for over 24 years and together with their children they all serve as a family together in the ministry.