"Building Kingdom Entrepreneurs" 

Faith Tabernacle believes we must be about our Father's business; to preach the Gospel to all the nations! We believe that the Body of Christ MUST influence every echelon of society: cultural; political; social; educational; health; environment and so on. One area in particular that the Church must influence is business!


We started the Business Forum to help develop, grow, nurture and connect Kingdom Entrepreneurs who can finance the Church to fulfil the Great Commission! ALL according to sound Biblical principles! 

We will connect you with some of the leading Kingdom entrepreneurial minds who can inspire and mentor you to achieve Kingdom business success! 

We run seminars, workshops and events to help you. Want to know how to maximise the use of  social media? The Business Forum is here to help you


So whatever level you are at; whether you just have an idea; or are about to start out or you are already established, the FT Business Forum IS for YOU!!!


Check the EVENTS page for dates of upcoming workshops